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Avenue Louise 173

We are open from Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner, and Saturday for dinner... but we are closing for holidays and will return on January 4th... Happy holidays!

We respect COVID rules

during opening ours



Fine and delicate cuisine, in a warm and deeply human setting


Extraordinary, highly motivated waiters and clerks ... let yourself be served.


Train, integrate and promote a majority of staff with disabilities by offering a first-rate gastronomic experience

65 degres



Why "65 degrees"?


This is the temperature at which the "perfect eggs" cook ... the white cooks at 62 °, the yolk at 68 °. At 65 degrees, it's perfect! A nod to gastronomic perfection.


Who are we?

4 super motivated co-founders, with all different skills, working with people with disabilities and business management for many years. We are also surrounded by specialists in the integration of disability into the socio-professional environment, and professionals from the hospitality industry.


Why launch this project?


There are more than 10,000 people in Belgium with Down's syndrome, ie more than 1 in 1000. Many more still have other mental handicaps. And yet, their presence in society is very limited on a daily basis: perhaps a lack of space outside the adapted centers, and probably a look for improvement. Our challenge is to demonstrate that, in a demanding company, we can work with people whose disability is only one facet, but who have so many other qualities that are just waiting to be revealed.


Who cooks?


The restaurant is managed on a daily basis by a team of chef and chef de cuisine, human and competent. The restaurant, after 2 years of activity, employs 11 young people with mild or moderate mental disabilities on a daily basis.


Be an actor of the project

65degrés, an ASBL founded in March 2018, pursues an objective of integration and professional training for people with mental disabilities.

In the 65degrés restaurant, she employs 11 young people with mild or moderate mental disabilities (trisomy 21, autism, mental retardation).


Its activity is commercial, but not for profit. Together, with its employees, 65degrés' mission is to offer the best gourmet lunch experience on Avenue Louise, by combining impeccable culinary quality and 3-star service, including smiles.


To support the project, we launched a fundraising campaign, which is now closed. You can always (and it is necessary for the project) help us by making a donation on the account of the ASBL by clicking below.




Le 65 degrés
Avenue Louise 173
1050 Ixelles

for reservations, please follow this link

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